I like watching dance performances (:

My posts will be filled with completely non-ballet-looking language. There will be leaps and spins.

I won’t be terribly negative on this blog, where dance reviews are concerned. Humans have sweated to put a production together, and I have enjoyed myself. Just yesterday, I was unable to watch Coppelia when it came to Singapore; just yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have watched SDT’s Swan Lake when my sister bought tickets for us. I am unendingly glad that I have had the pleasure of watching dance at last.

For other fundamental information: https://balletbelatedetcetera.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/why-and-such/

(For avoidance of doubt: Sometimes, I name dancers and mention their dancing. If I don’t, or if I mention the wrong names, it’s nothing to do with the performance or performers, and everything to do with editing, and a poor memory. I try hard to recognise faces, but when everything is going by and I am enjoying the dance, I do lose track of things.)

ETA: https://filmbelatedetcetera.wordpress.com/ is where film reviews and film/TV talk may be found.


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