New Artists and Apprentices (late 2016, current); Promotions

It makes no sense to move on without first noting the following new artists, some of whom I’ve mentioned in passing. Yes, you can also check this up on the website. Singapore Dance Theatre has done up its page, so it’s all very spiffy and new and shiny, and quite visually-attractive. But I can’t find the In the Wings interviews any longer, including this year’s interview(s?) with Nanase. Will poke around a bit more!

2016 (Artists)

1. Minegishi Kana

2. Justin Zee

2017 (Apprentices)

1. Leane Lim — seen in Flowers in Nutcracker 2016, hurray!

2. Valerie Yeo

3. Jeremie Gan

4. Agetsuma Satoru

5. Jessica Garside (Mar 2017)

6. Watanabe Tamana (Mar 2017)


This sort of balances out the natural attrition rate, I suppose. Of which I know nothing.

In Coppelia, just for the sake of discussion, there were a couple of new dancers for Hours: Ma Xiao Yu, Felicia Er


I cannot recall if I’ve mentioned promotions yet. In case I haven’t,  here they are, yay:

First Artist: Chua Bi Ru and Jason Carter

Artist: Yeo Chan Yee, Timothy Ng and Wan Jiajing Jerry


I do check the site but I’m slow at mentioning this sort of stuff! … and all the other stuff.




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