Introspective nothing

I will be back with brutally short posts! *sharpens knife* I know I will — I write the things in my head sometimes, then the bulb in the room blows or summat. Tonight was about the same, and then something crossed my mind and led me astray.

I saw something from a long time ago and it made my stomach actually clench. I am still trying to unclench it now. Where has all that time gone?

Was it worth it? All that time, gone. Where?

Ah, what am I talking about — we can’t all have what we want. A woman must have money and a room of her own (someone else’s quote).

That’s what work is for!

You should see it before it’s too late, I said, and she rapped the door (because it was made of wood).

But that’s how I feel sometimes. It’s ridiculous — we enter, now, the season of mild sloth before we plough on into dismay. But still, the daily day wipes the mind clean, rips and wrings out all inspiration …

those are the excuses.






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