Where’ve I been? Out of town, and then swallowed entirely by the sequel to Boy Meets World, aka Girl Meets World.

Ballet Under the Stars is back in town, and unveiling people in new, bigger roles- we get to see Kwok Min Yi in a superb role in Ma Cong’s world premiere, Incomparable Beauty; and Yeo Chan Yee in Blue Snow.

Contemporary weekend started on Thurs with a preview. Classical is always popular, but SDT’s contemporary weekend is special because somehow, emotions get involved, even if (or perhaps because) there isn’t always a straightforward story.

I haven’t watched a movie alone for a long time. I love watching things alone – to feel things by yourself, and just feel free to think and feel. That’s because if I watch things with others, I worry about whether they are enjoying themselves – I do. I try not to, but I do.

What I will do is to drink caffeine. I love BUTS because it’s held at Fort Canning. I try not to look into the trees the darker it gets because Fort Canning is famously haunted. But I love how open the sky is. I’m sorry for everyone that it’s hot and filled with insects. But I love the sky, the grass, the – open spaces all the way to the portaloos. I will have caffeine and then I will find myself singing and such ūüė¶


Okay, back to Girl Meets World. Go watch it if you can. I’ll be frank and say the relationships are really interesting to me. My favourite characters? I love them all in different ways, but what really kept me watching the episodes on the plane(s) was Farkle, because¬†he was quite a different kind of human¬†– and then Maya, for her acting chops in The Forgiveness Project. But it was Girl Meets New World that had me hooked because it’s correct and made me feel that I should continue watching the show once I touched the ground. Yes, I know GMW is about friendships first, and Riley and everyone¬†growing up. But I love the who-gets-together-with-whom parts. And I should shift my ravings to filmbelated to make up for that absolutely horrible post on Captain America that I wrote just before my flight out of town. And I would, if there weren’t already better tumblrs on this. Of which this is the one with which I identify the most currently:¬†¬† and this is the one which has pictures I most enjoy:

Maybe I will. I’ll write about character development and how the characters see things, from their eyes. I’ll MBTI them.

Oh, who am I kidding! ūüėÄ

I have clearly had too much sugar and then I will have too much caffeine before BUTS.

There, I segued back to BUTS. Hurray!

Also, I watched NYCB in NY and, unforgivably, I hath not writ about it.



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