Don Quixote photos & other stuff – 2016

Singapore Dance Theatre has put up the photographs for Don Q. I realise I should probably write things like ‘review’ in my posts so that if anyone (like myself) is googling, they will…know…that there is a review. Yup.

I like how some of the photographs actually correspond to what I remembered and hence wrote about. Like the part on Chihiro dancing with Kenya. Or the one-armed lift with Gamache in the corner vigorously signaling to Basilio to lower Kitri. Or the suave gypsy team.

There are other albums. You can also see the 2014 batch, and Swan Lake, and the like.

I actually had other things to say about Don Q that I didn’t put in the other review.

Like how much I enjoyed the side-skits –  Gamache-Etienne Ferrere chatting up Lisha Chin’s village girl and offering her a drink, which she passes to (I think) Lorenzo, who accepts it; and Lorenzo seizing Gamache’s kerchief from the ground (where Gamache has flung it after using it to dust Sancho’s horn) and using it to clean chairs. A friend was so amused by the little side-piece of Don Q and Gamache (Etienne Ferrere for that show) perpetually bumping into each other as they sat down and drawing swords in irritation, that she laughed out loud as the Friends’ dance started.

I’m glad that the photos in the album show a bit of Don Q’s library. That’s a set I rather enjoy: the ceiling with its maps, the books. Maybe because I wouldn’t mind a library like that.

The ending of Don Q sees Don Q back in his library/study, seated in his chair and nodding off over his book while Dulcinea (not the Kitri-one, but whoever is not playing Dryad Queen that night) trails in and waves her hands over his head, playing the Sandman, or the BFG. It didn’t use to do a thing for me, that ending, except bring a little closure (since it ended off where it started), and it was sometimes a bit unexpected after the great wedding (but you must admit, it does delicately lead us away from the wedding scene which also kind of ends on an unexpected note full of people jigging happily, instead of a grand pas de deux fullstop the way Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty do).

But for the last performance, it sort of touched me. It looked like Don Q was having an old imaginary friend stop by to visit…


Sometimes, I get morose and acknowledge that when I’m old, I won’t be able to watch ballets anymore. I won’t have the money; I won’t have the health. Doddery, bad eyesight, bad knees, perhaps bad everything else, too.

Sometimes, I have bad days and then I remember that I live a life outside of all the things I have to do at work. I’m a human too – and I watch ballets because I enjoy them; and I like to remember that I watch them, because that reminds me that I’m a human, and if I fail at being everything I’m supposed to be at work, or I don’t meet society’s expectations, it doesn’t matter. Of course, one can also be self-sustaining and create that thought without relying on external factors to remind one about that. But honestly, it can get quite hard. So it’s nice to remember that I exist – I have feelings, and there are things I’m passionate about. Maybe I’m not the most articulate child, and I’m too childish and hardly give people confidence, and I’m hardly ever always right. But it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t negate my existence as a human being. Or as a cyborg, as the case may be (as it is, from time to time).

On those bad days, I remember what I said before: I don’t name names on this blog for things. Because. If others want to do that for their reviews (constructive comments, objective observations), it’s fine. I don’t know half the first thing about dance, and it’s also okay if people who also don’t feel they know half the first thing say what they think, because that’s their opinion. It’s just that I’m always glad, on bad days, that I’ve never named people who might have been having a bad day. It’s like, if on a bad day I’ve messed up so much, I’d feel worse remembering that I went and said something …

O, but you never know. Maybe I’ll change. Humans are mutable, after all. Maybe I’ve already said things, without realizing ….



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