The Moon and the Stars

This was an event held on the last Friday of Feb 2016. Was at work that night, but pictures inform me that Schubert Symphony, Theme and Variations, and Blue Snow were performed.

Small cast changes can be detected by squinting at the pictures – e.g. Nakamura Kenya and Li Jie lead Schubert Symphony (I think I’ve seen them dance together before, but the memory eludes me); Yatsushiro Marina was in Blue Snow.

Ah, I’d have liked to have seen the latter performance in particular, because in Yatsushiro Marina’s interview on the SDT website, she’d mentioned she was an understudy for the role and had enjoyed working with Shimazaki Toru. When the dancers say they’ve enjoyed working on a particular role, or that they wish they’d had the chance to perform a particular dance, I always wish they could perform that – wish fulfilment is pleasant.

At the event, one of the rehearsal studios was named after Goh Choo San. I’m glad – we used to read about him and Mdm Goh Soo Khim in the papers, and a friend said, We don’t read about them anymore. You can go to the library @ Esplanade and read a book about them in the Dance section (that’s the side which overlooks the floating platform). It’s good that generations after will grow up knowing about them.

This is the video they screened at the event, and it uses some of the best passages of music from Double Contrasts – the parts that break the heart, lift the heart – the parts that coincide with some of the segments of the dance where one can almost sense the choreographer saying This is what you do, yes – here, in a way.

Below is a link to a recent video interview with Mr Janek Schergen and Chua Bi Ru for Moon and the Stars, if you want to know what the vision for SDT is:


To a minute extent (1 in every 10,000), I can see the search terms used when people stumbled upon this website. Most of the time, I do not know what they searched for. So when I see e.g. 1 view today and there is an unknown search term, I wonder what on earth they could have been searching for.

But when I find out, and the search is from some unknown place for purposes that can only be described as foul, that is quite distressing (because of the implications). SDT is a dance theatre, not an object for vice.


On a separate note – when I bought tickets for DonQ for a friend who has longed to see Rosa Park dance again since she saw her in Ballet Under the Stars (Theme and Variations), I made a wild stab and guessed Saturday night. Because that’s what the line-up was the last time for DonQ in 2014: Sat night and Sun morning. I’m never entirely sure about Sundays (who closes?) and weekdays (who opens? who takes Friday nights?).

But I don’t like to talk about shows before they happen.

I do look forward to them, though. Tremendously. And to the caffeine which I allow myself to indulge in before each show (with the obvious exception of Ballet Under the Stars – the pottaloos are actually very good, equipped with hand soap, sinks and foot-operated flushes, but).


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