SDT 2016 – Artists and Apprentices

You can see the list here:

Hurray for:

a) Li Jie being promoted to Principal Artist!

b) Nazer Salgado and Yorozu Kensuke being promoted to First Artist!

d) Shi Yue Tony being promoted to Artist with Ines Furuhashi-Huber, Ruth Austin, Peter Allen and Shan del Vecchio!

d) New Artist: Miura Takaeki!

e) New Apprentices: Niki Wong (seen as Aurora’s nurse in Sleeping Beauty 2015, I think, and a swan in Swan Lake 2015), Yeo Chan Yee (twas on NZSD’s facebook in Dec, I think), Emanuele del Celo, Timothy Ng, Wan Jiajing Jerry!

Excited. Glad. Et cetera 🙂

In other news, SDT’s Facebook says:

Good news to followers of “In The Wings: The Life of a Dancer”. In 2016, you will get the opportunity to know your favorite dancer better! Simply email the set of questions you have in mind and attention it to your dancer of choice to and it might just be featured in our upcoming In The Wings 2016 edition. There are no limits to the number of questions to be asked per dancer so get cracking today.

This could get interesting :p


Oh wait! One piece of totally unrelated-to-ballet news (hey, youtube works again!!) :

PepsiCo’s awesome ad for the Year of the Monkey. Man, they win. They will have SUCH a large corner of the market. It’s such a touching story… ;__; He’s an ICON.


One thought on “SDT 2016 – Artists and Apprentices

  1. Yes, like the promotions list very much. I’m interested in seeing how they are going to pair up, now that Li Jie’s Principal Artist.

    Nazer Salgado’s and Yorosuke Kensuke’s profiles have steadily risen over the course of 2014 and 2016. Nazer Salgado has excellent physical attributes, so I am always curious as to how he translates it on to the stage in his performances. Yorozu Kensuke always has an exceptionally energetic presence in the performances I have seen him in.

    Nice, we have new/newly-promoted Artists and new Apprentices. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the year will pan out for them – and to seeing more of them.

    Re: the side note on non-ballet stuff… I cannot explain why, but I have always liked the taste of Pepsi Cola a little more than Coca Cola. I don’t like drinking either, but between the two, I would pick Pepsi. I have to take my hat off to whoever is behind the totally awesome campaign, though. Monkey King, forsooth. Wow. Talk about a coup and a great play on the words.


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