Look back in wonder – 2015; and random thoughts

Top x things I would totally love to see again, if I could go back in time:

(1) Swan Lake

I admit that the last paragraph of the review about potential character change in Siegfried, was just like imagination and imputing things for fun – actually I thought that taking a crossbow and lying in wait was probably more for dramatic tension. Kind of like when you compare the openings of Don Q for the different casts, one has them sneaking across and one has Kitri lifted high in a split across the stage.

(2) Rubies

Speaks for itself. Awesome jazzy out-of-this-world piece.

(3) Incandescent Dream

A piece by Max Chen for Passages. The music is awesome, and somehow the whole thing makes me want to cry and cry. I should write about it sometime, sigh.

(4) Double Contrasts

Toss-up between this, Serenade and Lambarena. But watching a snippet of Double Contrasts and listening to the awesome music fills me with yearning to watch it again because I want to relive it – I can remember Serenade and Lambarena quite well, but Double Contrasts is harder to recall, and I feel I haven’t finished mining it yet, somehow. So – this wins.

Let’s say there should be one piece brought back next year for public consumption. I’d say Rubies.


I don’t really dare to predict casting for Don Q – I think it’s quite a sensitive thing. I’ve a couple of thoughts, but won’t say a word.

Before I forget, just to put this here for my own memory: I think that 2017 will probably contain a new full-length classical ballet. If you look backwards, there’s a pattern of introducing a new full-length classical work every 3 or 4 years. Likely La Bayadere (we probably aren’t going to get Cranko’s Onegin or like Midsummer Night’s Dream by anyone…) Look, I’ve nothing against Le Corsaire, but you’ll realise I’ve not reviewed it; of all the few pieces I’ve ever watched, it’s not my favourite (o_o) Dude, no one told me everyone was going to die – why did you make me like Gulnare and Ali then? (Yes, I’m ashamed to say that the ending dribbled out of my memory before I went to watch it….)

Assuming it’s L.B, I think it may be introduced in 2017. Not 2018, because that should be the 30th anniversary, and the funds will probably be funnelled into a bonanza and something akin to Opus 25. And then L.B can be brought back again in 2019.

Apparently Swan Lake won’t be back for a few years. That could mean anything. It may be back in 2018 or 2019, then. That leaves Giselle for 2017, and/or Coppelia for the other full-length classical, for any variety of reasons. Or one last Romeo & Juliet before the decade is up. (See, either we think these things or we re-cast Jean Grey for the new X-Men movie, despite the fact that she’s already been cast – Saoirse Ronan is in the running in imaginary land, currently).

I’ve not thought much about the other possible things. But Bittersweet, maybe, in 2017? It’ll be quite different by then, I think. I think possibly it was performed in Malaysia by Rosa Park and Nazer Salgado; I don’t know because I didn’t see it.

Guessing is fun (more fun for the audience, I guess). Haven’t thought much about the other possibilities – on with 2016 first.





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