Season 2016 – and what next?

1.Don Quixote. HIP HIP HURRAY.

2. For kids – Peter & Blue Go Around the World

3. Ballet Under the Stars: (Please forgive the formatting, I have no idea how to fix it)

Contemporary Weekend 

Blue Snow – SDT is quite fond of this

Swipe – As expected, there has to be one Val Caniparolli and since this is pretty new and an Ambassador’s Circle acquisition, I suppose it made sense to use it

A new Ma Cong piece – Good, I’d like to get a more complete sense of his style


Classical Weekend

Bournonville Divertissements – Newly-introduced and an education for audiences, and also light and cheery enough for an evening

Shadow’s Edge – Ma Cong’s bonanza with a fabulous ending chorus that makes you feel like the world is ending and being born anew. CHILLS.

Paquita – by Mr Janek Schergen, I believe. I’ve not seen it before – only stills. Excited.

4. Masterpiece in Motion at the Esplanade (phew)

Nils Christe’s Symphony in Three Movements, a company premiere. Every year we have a new piece from him. I’m surprised we didn’t bring back Organ Concerto or ZIN! To be honest, I thought the time was ripe for the former. But at least we’re bringing back…

Edwaard Liang’s Age of Innocence. Tasty. I try not to expect the transposition of what I’ve seen in photographs and videos, onto stage. In case there are cast changes, or updates to choreography, or the different media create different expectations. But oh, I still can’t wait.

George Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments – I’m slow on interpretation of dance, so I sure hope I can get this. I’m excited.

5. Passages Contemporary Season

Held at the Esplanade this time (yay). Company premieres by Tim Harbour from Australia and Christina Chan from Singapore (previously, she’d mentioned taking a break, so this means she’s back!). And Natalie Weir’s Jabula! returns (again, yippee, since I’ve not seen this before).

Another year without Bittersweet and a year without Opus 25. We’ll survive 😉 Edited to add: though it is very hard. very very hard.

6. Nutcracker from 2011, Shanghai version

Based on my recollection, this is very much a piece for introducing dance to kids and letting more of the young dancers take the centre stage. The front half contains a good bit of pantomime, so if that’s what you’ve signed up for, well and good. I’m one of those who has never ever enjoyed the Snowflakes music, and I’ve a very short memory, so I look forward to it. I’ll tell you what else I like from Nutcracker – the agony of the Coda in the pas de deux. It’s got such a heart-rending sound to it, I don’t know why. I love it. I am always waiting for the fireworks in that song, the great soaring music, the lifts, the magic.


So far for the predictions made – I am glad to know that some came true.

2018 is the 30th year, I think. Perhaps that means R&J, or more of Goh Choo San’s works.

2017 – Let’s think about it.




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