PRE-SDT – Swan Lake

SDT’s Swan Lake opened on Thurs – I believe the opening night couple was Rosa Park and Chen Peng. It isn’t always possible to predict who dances on which night – it used to be that Rosa opened and closed; then last season, Chihiro opened and closed some shows, I think. But currently I think Rosa Park does take Sat night.

I’ve been away for a bit – real life has eaten into things.

Earlier, I did want to write about Passages, which was held at Goodman Arts Centre, a place where I would not take any photographs because it gives the feeling that something else might appear in the photograph – though it’s very lovely and quaint on the outside, and has wonderful modern toilets and a nice theatre on the inside (plus a popular café, Café Melba).

No time for that now…

I am super excited about Swan Lake.

And also delighted that Don Q is opening the 2016 Season. An EXCELLENT choice, hurrah. I will tell my friends to watch it – there were those who were worried it would be too esoteric and they wouldn’t be able to appreciate it, but if they can enjoy Sleeping Beauty, I am 100% sure they will love Don Q.

Always I am torn between inviting people to watch and desiring to watch by myself. In the end, I usually choose the former. Sometimes I do want to sit in my own corner and enjoy the show quietly, by myself – to feel free to sob or laugh or et cetera as much as I want.

But I just do want more people to see the shows, because they are great fun. Watch Don Quixote! For it is great fun 🙂


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