robots: not an actual post about ballet

I was drafting something about Passages 2015 (SDT’s Contemporary Season) when the page started blinking. So I’ve run a m*lware search and cleaned out some things. Still creeped out.

Also, any day when I have more than 0 or 1 views is a rare day, but any day when I have over a hundred and a lot of them are from this country, my immediate response is that there are R0b0t5. As an occasional aspiring cyborg, I can only say “Have some c00k13s”. Why so many views on Lambarena? Is it utube?

As one of those funky notebook covers says – I’m not paranoid; everyone is watching me. (Others in the series include – “I’m not sleeping, I’m meditating” and “I’m not late, you are early”.)

Such a horror to have pages flicker and to find mal-war3 lurking around. Some downtime and I’ll be back with a proper post 😦

It’s very odd to be typing this and to see my cursor on one side of the page and yet a drop-down box appear on the other side, which suggests – what? that there is a hacker?… oh no……..


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