Rachmaninov / Jay Chou

Totally off the bat, but this is some gorgeous music.

Rachmaninov – Symphonic Dances (1st movement: Non allegro):

I am not really musical, but this is nice stuff. SSO played it one or two years back.

It’s got the feel of a story to it. Maybe it’s because some of the instruments bring to mind interlude pieces in other ballets. Like – oh, Romeo and Juliet or summat. Google is a friend and so is Wiki; they say that dances have been choreographed to it. That would be interesting to see. Maybe youtube is a friend, too 🙂

ETA: Here – a version by Edward Liaang, by SF Ballet. I like the feeling of this:

ETA: Albano Ballet Company

In the meantime, hooked on Voice of China 4 – this is Queen T with her own take on Jay Chou’s Nunchucks (made more amusing by the fact that he is one of the judges, and 2 of the other judges decided to turn around before him, after passing comments like “What’re you waiting for?” to him):


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