An update

Just wanted to say that I will definitely pop back with the rest of Ballet Under the Stars – but in the meantime, I watched Singapore Dance Theatre’s Masterpiece in Motion, and will have an update on that too! 🙂

So glad to see that Xu Lei Ting is back on stage (Opus 25) – looking forward to watching her dance again.

Sometimes it’s nice to overhear people in the audience and know that I’m not the only one who sits around saying, “I want to watch this, and that, and that one.” I’ll sometimes hear kids telling their mums who has already appeared on stage, and being all excited that SDT apprentices will appear in Opus 25.

I want to watch lots of things, too. Here are some things I’d like to see next year, and the likely reality (please bear in mind that audiences are often greedy dreamers and of course we all know it’s subject to the realities of life and performers).

This is just for fun and totally random for me to look back on later, next year 🙂 Kind of like how I am having fun looking at my wish-list from the end of last year. I realised, while watching Midnight Waltzes last night, that ballet (like the open river) melts all and any ice inside me, and reaches straight into my heart, and my heart just opens up and I get swept away. Hahaha.

I’m aware that I have not watched Passages yet. But I don’t think the works will be repeated again so soon…I didn’t see any of last year’s pieces from Intermezzo here this year.

1. Full-length

Hopes, in order of priority:
#1: Don Q (extremely fun, and I will try to encourage more friends to watch this time as I can really vouch for how awesome it is);

#2: La Bayadere (I know – subject to funding);

#3: Romeo and Juliet by Goh Choo San (I know they only perform 2 full-lengths, this is just a wish that I expect to have unfulfilled – I am sentimental);

#4: Jeffrey Tan’s Nutcracker (see above, I am super sentimental)

#5: Manon. But not likely to be soon.

#6: Raymonda divertissements; Paquita

Likely reality:

#1: Don Q (once a new full-length work is introduced, I think they’ll perform it shortly after again, for audience education; and when you’ve got such stunning dancers, it’s better to do this again quick);

#2: Not sure – La Bayadere or Mr Janek Schergen’s Nutcracker

#3: Giselle under the stars (based on a certain assumption about the cast)

2. Things that I have seen before, and which I would like to see again next year

Hopes, in order of priority:
#1: Bittersweet, by Natalie Weir. YES, PLEASE. Chen Peng and Uchida Chihiro; Rosa Park and (as Timothy Coleman has left, probably) Nazer Salgado. It is amazing. I don’t think they can hold it off the calendar for 3 years until 2017. It’s so awesome.

#2: Shadow’s Edge, by Ma Cong. It’s like Opus 25, grand-scale glory with wonderfully stirring music. Massively thrilling.

#3: ZIN! by Nils Christe, for Ballet Under the Stars (BUTS). It’s super noisy fun, folks dressed like football umpires with whistles in their mouths and marching along with linked arms. Awesomely creative and crazy.

#4: Special mention: Opus 25, which some friends would love to see every year.

I’ve no strong feelings about the rest, as my memory of them is still fresh – I’d love to see them again, but honestly, the list of have-not-seens is so long that I don’t mind stuffing it in instead. Though, obviously, Piano Concerto #2 – Opus 102 (aka Shostakovich), Chant and Winds of Zephyrus have a special place in my heart, as they will always remind me of my foray back into watching ballet and finally getting to throw myself into it.

Likely reality:
#1: ZIN!

#2: Maybe Swipe. It’s new, and there’s a Val Caniparoli work almost every year. Of course, if they repeat Chant, hurray.

#3: Possibly, Serenade or Theme and Variations. Which I love, too. Something Balanchine. It’s likely there will be Balanchines on the calendar – maybe Divertissimo No. 15? Or a new Balanchine (not versed in this, no idea).

I’ve seen so little else that it’s unlikely to be repeated so soon. Haha.

3. Others that I have never seen and which I would like to see

Hopes, in order of priority:

#1: 100%, Organ Concerto by Nils Christe. Heard segments of music and it’s gorgeous; watched bits online, and they’re just so elegant and glorious. It just works so well with the music.

#2: 100%, Age of Innocence, by Edward Liaang. I’ve only seen two of Edward Liaang’s pieces for SDT (Opus 25 and Winds of Zephyrus), and they’re quite stunning. I’ve read so much about this one that I just feel I have to see it with my own eyes. Sounds like a superbly complex dance in terms of technique and emotion. I wish SDT would allow us to borrow / view their DVDs of past performances #greedyaudience

#3: Absence of Story, by Shimazaki Toru. I’ve only seen snippets, I think, and it was very moving.

#4: Lots of other things, e.g.:
* As Above, So Below, by Edward Liaang;
* Nameless, by Xing Liang. I’m curious. Some of the dancers mentioned it in their interviews on the SDT website;
* Jabula, by Natalie Weir. The name sounds fascinating, like Alice in Wonderland crossed with Lambarena.
*A Million Kisses to My Skin by David Dawson. Same reason as Xing Liang;
* Maninyas, by Stanton Welch;
* Evening at the Ritz by Molly Lynch

Likely reality:
#1: I suspect either Organ Concerto or Age of Innocence will be back. By 2016, it will have been a few years since they’ve been shown. Likely the latter.

#2: Absence of Story

Everything else may be a new work (so fun) or from before the 2009 Active Repertoire list (as that’s what I was reading off when I typed the above).

That’s all. Back soon for pickings of Schubert and Serenade.


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