Pre-Sleeping Beauty

A couple of days to the first night of Sleeping Beauty! Some costume pictures below:

Fairy of Beauty

10 Fairy of Beauty up close

Fairy of Song

15 Fairy of Song up-close top 13 Fairy of Song side

There’s also an interesting video below.

I am far from being affiliated from the video-put-upper, and etc. This is a compelling video containing interviews with Mr Janek Schergen and the two wonderful ballerinas who are playing Aurora – Uchida Chihiro and Rosa Park. Fascinating stuff. I like hearing about things like that. It’s all new to me: lights on stage; working one’s way through the various roles available.

Of all the music for this ballet, I think I like the Waltz the best. I’ll have to listen and watch again to be sure.

These are two “!” discoveries about Sleeping Beauty, from a recent discussion at SDT:

Prince Florimund (not Philip) was engaged to someone else (Marchioness) but totally not in love with her. Poor both of them. Then Lilac Fairy comes by and shows him a vision of the sleeping beauty whom he will love.
That is so…unexpected.

In the old pictures (screens) of the Forest used in the ballet, you can apparently see the corpses of the princes who have tried, and failed, to rescue the Princess.
Presumably, Lilac Fairy was responsible for informing them about the Princess.
So she has been lur…inviting young, unmarried (no issue if they are engaged) princes to rescue the Princess. How have there been enough princes to go round all this time! Prince Florimund was just lucky the generations before him were already married by the time the Lilac Fairy came round.
It really makes you look at the Lilac Fairy with new eyes!

All that’s tongue-in-cheek, of course. Kind of 🙂


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