Watching youtube videos on CNY

It’s Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year! Hurray and happy CNY 🙂

Feasting and such. And a restful afternoon, watching videos.

One absolute wonder is the following – Christopher Wheeldon rehearses Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with the Royal Ballet.

It’s quite astonishing a piece. Bits of tap, and pantomime. Play, and fool’s play, and none of it fooling around; frenetic and manic and planned. Look at the vision unfolding. It just astounds with its clarity — the leg is here, tap into the beat, leap in this way and it looks that much better. You can feel the urgency of imprinting the choreographer’s vision onto the action in reality. I love how there’s notation on the side, and live music, and the tap-dancing forms part of the score. The trampoline tea-cake and the big teapot just take the cake!

Before that, I was watching random other videos. Before Rosa Park and Uchida Chihiro there was also Xia Hai Ying (overlapping eras) and this video has snippets of her Giselle. In all her frailty and madness, the dance never loses its shape or poignancy. There’s a comment asking them to put it on DVD. That would be lovely.

I got there somehow, from the Chant video that was in my last post, and which actually first led me to a video with snippets of the in-studio performance of SDT’s Coppelia…and then to the above Giselle video..which led me to Christopher Wheeldon..and so on.

And, of course, there’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – you can look on youtube for this with the word ‘ballet’. There’s a Balanchine version, and then there’s this advertisement which illustrates what magic can be created against the backdrop of such strong music. Lovely.

Since English National Ballet’s Le Corsaire will be in Singapore, here’s a trailer:

Aaaaand…it’s back to feasting.


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