Circle Mirror Transformation

Drama - Circle Mirror Transformation
Left to right: Nicki Muller, Selma Alkaff, Neo Swee Lin, Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins

Caught Pangdemonium’s Circle Mirror Transformation. Perfect comic timing from the entire cast, emotions pitched correctly without a lot of screaming. It touched lightly on the characters’ lives, and hinted at things rather than rolling right into them and mucking around in the deep for a great long rolling shout (for contrast, see the play Closer, which is built along different lines). Brought people together, and drew lines of tension in small movements and in large words.

The light touch draws out the poignancy in the final scene. This is just a moment in a series of lives, a snapshot passing through an album. This, too, shall pass.

Sparse stage, leaving a great deal to the 5 actors (seen above), brilliantly directed by Tracie Pang. The three on the right are veteran stage artistes; I think Nicki Muller is usually a host/presenter on TV, and this is Selma Alkaff’s first professional stage performance.

A quick note – look at what little you can see of the notice board above. Do you see that the notices are not parallel to the edges of the board? Gives the illusion of the notices being ‘straight’, from where one is seated 🙂 Aligned parallel to the ground.

I liked the use of the projector to flash the thoughts / meanings behind the characters’ seeming gibberish in one scene, and for the final scene, to let the scene transit ten years.

Pangdemonium always produces super high-quality theatre and they pick their scripts very carefully. It isn’t like walking into a cinema and wondering if you’re always cursed to pick a show that you’ll spend watching your watch. You can see the list of their past productions here. This season is full of comedies – last season’s was a little darker.


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