moments in between

It’s taking me quite a while to write up Bittersweet. That, and life in general (frivolous things included, such as watching Downton Abbey).

Other things – managed to obtain a copy of the Dance Europe review of Don Q, and it was a pretty positive one, and beautifully written. Also, since I mentioned promotions last round, Elaine Heng has also been promoted to First Artist. Hurray for all promotions 🙂

Meantime, catching Imitation Game is somewhere on my to-do list. After reading Guardian’s fail-history grade for it, I’m curious; especially since the trailer appears fearfully Hollywoodized, in the manner of forgetting who the enemy is. I’m partial to the Tinker Tailor movie, which uses its suspense in a particular way. Comparing apples and oranges, I know!


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