Sleeping Beauty tickets are up for sale — my primary memory of it is sea after sea of fairies dancing. More fairies. Rose Adagio. Mr and Mrs Cat. Looking out for the Lilac Fairy. Gorgeous music.

There’s an exhibition in the library now, of the costumes from the ballet. Just a few pictures below:

Lilac Fairy

1 Lilac Fairy big 2 Lilac Fairy close-up 3 Lilac Fairy side

Fairy of Grace

7 Fairy of Grace close-up 8 Fairy of Grace side

Look at the colours, and the sequins, the designs, the tiaras. The detail. AAAAH. So pretty.

Things I hope to catch this year include:


Opus 25 (again)

Val Caniparoli’s Lambarena, last shown in 2011. I never did get to see it, and the snippets in videos I’ve seen sort of whet the appetite. Think his pieces have a very strong trademark/signature look, so if you see the leaps of dolphins (ladies leaping with curved arms and delicate feet), it’s Chant; and heads bobbing in rhythm to arms swiping the air (ostrich necks), it’s Swipe. That’s putting it a little simply and simplistically, I guess; but there’ll be clean lines cleaving the air and repeated motifs.
Here’s a snippet, after a bit of Don Q from Rosa Park and Chen Peng. The dancer who opens the Lambarena portion is Uchida Chihiro; then Li Jie, then May Yen Cheah, Miyata Ayami and Maughan Jemesen (I think). Such a lot of energy in the dance.

Fingers crossed! This is a long year.


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