SDT’s Don Q in Dance Europe – Jan 2015

Awesome stuff – Don Q made it to the cover of Jan 2015’s Dance Europe. See link below:

Have not the faintest idea how I will get my hands on a copy, since I can’t quite connect to the purchasing page, and I rather fancy it will not get through (ye of little faith, but we can’t expect much). I’ve no idea what the review will say, honestly. That’s Rosa Park and Chen Peng on the cover.

I’m not aware that Allscript and Kinokuniya carry this title – I know Borders used to, I used to stand amongst the stands and hold copies of Dance and Dance Europe and the like in my hands…there wasn’t a library@esplanade then, I think, or it was difficult to track down the Dance copies. Now I just borrow copies from the library. But still, it would be lovely to have a copy, if only because it’s such a difficult thing to get out there in the first place. And I completely enjoyed the show and I hope it’s a nice review, actually.


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