Brief thoughts on SDT’s 2015 Season – Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, etc

SDT announced on its website that the closing show of next season will be Swan Lake, not La Bayadere. This may be preliminary; I don’t know. It’s startling, and I wonder why–perhaps resources, or timing, or the like. It’s not easy to procure a new piece.

In any case, I haven’t seen Swan Lake in 7 years. I skipped it the last time(s) due to timing and other issues (resource). I am really rather excited about this, too. I was rather worried that I might not see it again soon enough (impatient!). I saw that Li Jie said in an interview that she would like to play the black swan, and I rather think she would be fabulous and I would like to see that. I really do like watching her dance. For reasons that may have been mentioned previously–lovely, languid, fluid dance form, and such hands!

Sleeping Beauty opens the season. I would love to see it. Last I saw it, it was on a workday, when I was too exhausted to enjoy it properly. But I loved how there’s so much technique involved. And Chihiro’s precise dancing, and how she really acted like a young sixteen year old princess. What I remember also: Mr and Mrs Cat, whose dance was greatly amusing, to hilarious music. I loved how cat-like Mrs Cat was, licking her paw. Fluid, cat-like dancing. I wish I knew who played her that night in 2010. I don’t have the booklet any longer. I shall make new memories, and it will be exciting. But for that, I need to take my vitamins, etc so I am well and can watch it. I think work will be a lot busier next year–hope so much I get to catch the shows!

I see that Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco, Rubies and Serenade will be on the list for Ballet Under the Stars, and Lambarena as well, and Double Contrasts. These are things I’d heard about, and not watched. Fingers crossed!

I take it the season preview mentioned above is preliminary, so we’ll watch and see how it goes.

Last off, here is a video — SDT’s exclusive interview with Ms Cynthia Harvey, for Don Q. It’s nice to see glimpses of the dancing in between, too. I hope they keep the video up for a long time. I’d catch the opening show if it weren’t from 8 till 11 and I didn’t have work the next day. I’d almost take the next day off, but I’m taking the following Monday off because I’m catching the last show…dear grief.


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