Second thought(s)

Looking back quickly at the previous posts, here’s what I think:

In future, I’m just going to pick and comment. Initially, I tried, terribly, to sort of catalogue a little, for my own memory and for whoever passes by and wonders what happened (and who has not the benefit of photographs). The next one will be a lot briefer, a snapshot of things that leap into mind. I went back and edited the previous posts somewhat, to look on both sides of the coin as far as one can go without feeling bad for being on the other side of a screen.

I do not know what madness seized me that I decided to madly go through each and every one of the Intermezzo pieces. Except that I really rather enjoyed them mostly. It’s all a matter of personal opinion, I must emphasise–there are some sorts of dances, and music, that I enjoy a great deal more than others. I am afeared that I cannot enjoy Debussy too much, for instance, whereas (happily) I like Tchaikovsky rather a fair bit.

I think it’s quite scary to pick on moments and say This person, That person, as I have seen on some sites. I do not know how Dance magazine does it so artfully, but a backhand comment still smarts, artful or not, and I guess I’m conscious that I’m here, and removed…

What I can, and will, do, is give my two-cents reading of what something seemed to be about. As mentioned for some of the Intermezzo pieces, there will be times when I am not reading (or can’t read?) and am simply watching pure dance.


Typing in text is a lot faster and more effective than in visual. This makes posting easier than if I had to start from Word, although past experiences suggest that it’s better to draft in Word first, lest I accidentally wander off the page (no draft saved, some weeping).

I would like to do an et cetera post soon. Likely on either Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s recent performance of Brahms/Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances, or that very nice human Japanese drama starring Eita and a few other excellent actors/actresses. Called Saikou no Rikon (最高の離婚)–The Best Divorce–it won Best Original Screenplay recently, hurrah.
Oh! and to write about Stuttgart, I think.

That, another time. 🙂 Goodnight.


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