quick intermission

Things I am absolutely looking forward to this week, in order of appearance, as long as I stay healthy–pop those vitamins, drink all that water, and take care.


Frontier Danceland’s Milieu. Mr Janek Schergen mentioned them at Intermezzo — Christina Chan, who choreographed the first Intermezzo work, is a company artist from Frontier Danceland–and he said they were very good. I’m quite fascinated. Truth is, before SDT’s One @ The Ballet, I had no idea whatsoever that I might enjoy watching anything other than classical ballet. So I think I’ll be looking forward to this. I’m just so glad I found out about, and decided to commit to watching, One @ The Ballet.

Sometimes I try to encourage people to watch it too (though I like watching things aloneishly), or to see the non-classical-ballet performances by SDT. They might find that they actually like watching such things 🙂

Actually, I also try to get people to watch the classical ballet performances around too, if they like watching ballet. SDT’s Don Quixote is coming up; Le Corsaire will be coming over from England (English National Ballet); SDT’s La Bayadere late next year (and, I think, Sleeping Beauty earlier in the year). I’ve not seen most of these before, so it’s very exciting for me. Other name-dropping things: Raymonda, I’ve always wanted to see that. Manon, La Sylphide, Les Sylphides. I don’t know much else…It’s odd, or not, but I’ve never seen Giselle live!


Shakespeare Globe Theatre’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was our text in school, though not for final year.


A Soldier’s Tale, choreographed by SDT’s Timothy Coleman, and performed by some dancers from SDT. Here’s the cast list and here are the musicians, names nicked off the ticket website.

Stefaan Morrow as The Soldier
Nazer Salgado as The Devil
Beatrice Castañeda as  The Princess
Timothy Coleman as The Narrator

Loh Jun Hong, violin
Sean Lim, clarinet
Aw Yong Tian, bassoon
Lau Wen Rong, cornet & trumpet
Don Kow, trombone
Iskandar Rashid, percussion
Sandy Teo, string bass


Will need to take care. The weather’s getting colder, and I can smell December/ Christmas on the wind 🙂


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